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Kultura ng Pagmamalasakit

(Culture of Care in Tagalog)

March 15, 2023
NOTE: This was taken from the blog of Foundations Health Solutions leader Bob Speelman. Bob works closely and frequently communicates with our Foundations Health facilities.

I spent the day today at Crown Pointe Care Center in Columbus, Ohio. This facility has a special place in my heart because back in 2002, I was the Administrator there. It was my first building with Foundations Health Solutions. At the time, Foundations had two buildings in Columbus, Ohio, and today we are the largest skilled nursing company in the state. We have grown and learned a lot of lessons along the way, but I can tell you after my visit back home today, I couldn’t be more proud of who we are as a company and what Crown Ponte Care Center is doing for their staff and residents.

Crown Pointe Care Center is LIVING our Culture of Care!

Chlark Guelos came to us as an RN from the Baycare Hospital System in Florida and recently received his Ohio Nursing Home Administrator’s License. He is from Cavite in the Philippines, and about a year ago, he officially became an American Citizen. Chlark is passionate about resident care and all staff involvement, frontline and management. He leads by example, and his staff has noticed. He has made some aesthetic improvements, but his wheelhouse is authentic improvements, making Crown Pointe a better place to work and live. To that end, he challenges his department heads to be on the floor more than they are in their offices to ensure our vision and mission, “Culture of Care,” is more than a slogan.

Whatever they are doing at Crown Pointe is working!

Whether our team members come to us from the Philippines or Africa or America or wherever, I’m so proud that I found Crown Pointe better off today, culturally, than where I left it! I’m humbled and appreciative and proud of our Culture of Care! Chlark, you are a true leader, and I couldn’t be more impressed or proud. Keep making a difference, and keep loving our employees and residents!

“Most people think leadership is about being in charge. Most people think leadership is about having all the answers and being the most intelligent person or the most qualified person in the room. The irony is that it is the complete opposite. Leadership is about empowering others to achieve things they did not think possible. Leadership is about pointing in the direction, articulating a vision of the world that does not yet exist. Then asking help from others to insure that vision happens.”

- Simon Sinek

Pagpalain ka ng Diyos!
(God Bless you in Tagalog)

Bob Speelman, STNA

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