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Celebrating Social Worker Month: Meet Mercedez, Crown's Heart of Service

March 26th, 2024
This Social Worker Month, we shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes who dedicate their lives to helping others. At Crown, we're proud to introduce Mercedez, a beacon of compassion and dedication in our community.

Mercedez's journey at Crown began five years ago, not as a social worker, but as the first smiling face many encountered: the receptionist. Little did she know that this role was the first step toward discovering her true calling. Her innate desire to help wherever possible quickly became evident, and it wasn't long before she transitioned into social services, where she's been making a profound impact for the past four years.

In her own words, Mercedez had no idea what she was stepping into, but she soon realized that her purpose was to offer help wherever needed. This realization wasn't new; throughout her life, helping others has always been second nature to her, bringing a sense of fulfillment that only serving others can provide.

Mercedez's path was unexpected, as working in long-term care (LTC) was never a conscious choice. Yet, she expresses immense gratitude for landing in a field that she now deeply cherishes, so much so that she cannot envision stepping away from it.

Her growth in social work has been nothing short of remarkable. Starting without formal training, Mercedez has built her expertise through learning from others, self-education, and sometimes, learning the hard way. Each day brings new lessons and opportunities to expand her knowledge, including training newcomers to the field. Her aspirations don't stop there; Mercedez is determined to further her education and achieve her social work license.

Beyond her professional life, Mercedez is a devoted mother to a beautiful 20-month-old son. She's an avid traveler, with an annual pilgrimage to the sunny shores of Florida and a second getaway each fall. Her love for college softball, food trucks, and exploring new restaurants reveals her adventurous spirit and passion for life's simple pleasures.

Family is the bedrock of Mercedez's world. Her life is enriched by cherished family traditions, from antiquing weekends to the annual day at the Ohio State Fair, from traveling for car shows to hosting poker nights, and from enjoying bonfires with loved ones. These moments are not just pastimes but the threads that weave the tapestry of her life.

As we celebrate Social Worker Month, we honor Mercedez and all that she brings to Crown. Her unwavering commitment to service, her journey of growth and education, and her zest for life are

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