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My experience has been great...the staff has encouraged me to get out of bed so I could get dressed & have dinner in the dining room. The chef's listened to me -- they were very accommodating to my dietary needs. [The staff] encouraged me to get out & explore the facility -- which helped me feel better. Once I was feeling better, [they helped me pursue] outside therapy with the VA and they assisted with overall improvement & eventual graduation from Hospice. My therapy was great...the therapists listened to me & abided by my comfort level of what I could & couldn't do. Originally, Hospice gave me six weeks to live, now I'm doing more than living...I'm going home."


When Erin of Crown Pointe Rehab realized how important it was that my sister see her family home for the last time, she arranged for Atlas to transport Susan to view the home where she had lived with our late mother for so many years. And, just yesterday, Susan was able to see a movie at Mill Run Theater! Movies are her passion -- she had a great time.


My Mother, JoAnn, passed away at Crown Pointe last Tuesday. I wanted to, on behalf of our family, to thank you for the care and professionalism of your staff. There are so many individuals to thank that I am remiss not to mention each person. Heather was immensely kind and helpful in preparing us to to be with my mom after not being with her for many months since we live in Seattle. [Members of staff] who didn't know of my mother's death, helped my wife open the locked restroom door with such kind care. Steve, the chaplain, was warm, kind, and so helpful in planning a service in your Buckeye Room. Jennifer, Jenn, and Rebecca came to the service and their offers of condolences were sincere and came with stories about my mom that were so heartening. I know you run a business and the facility my mom was in prior to Crown Pointe was more than adequate and yet lacked a humanity and care that we found abundantly evidence in your staff. We would be honored to tell this story in an on line format to confirm to to others looking for a nursing care facility that we experienced great goodness. Again, thank you on behalf of our family.


It's difficult to express the feeling I have in my heart. Everything I have experienced has been a total positive. The staff is exceptional. I feel bonded with each and every one. I have visited other facilities which have left me feeling cold, certainly not the warm and fuzzy feelings I have found at Crown Pointe. I have left Crown Pointe feeling strong and able to continue my journey which has not always been pleasant. In addition I have made friends that have stayed in my life. For some reason, from the start, when I needed physical therapy, I was set on Crown Pointe. I really don't know why except that I had heard some nice things. It was, for me, the only place I wanted to go and SO glad I did. Whatever you're doing, you're doing it well...I care about Crown Pointe!


I spent about two weeks at Crown Pointe recovering from pneumonia. Form the first evening I felt, "at home." My medical staff, [from] my PT & OT experts and even the person in charge of laundry were awesome, caring, considerate, and non-judgmental. Food was a bit confusing at first, but improved each day. I wish the entire staff had been at the front door as I left -- they would have had a high-five from me! Keep up the outstanding work you do each and every day. If I face rehab in the future, "I'll be back!"


Everybody’s been nice while I’ve been here. The staff & residents go beyond 100% of what they’re expected. It’s a home—I love this place. I know I have to leave but I’ll miss everyone. I want to comeback to volunteer & give back what was given to me—care, treatment, and love.


Nothing but good things to say. I had been to two other facilities before being blessed to come to Crown Pointe. I am very grateful for their work. They picked me up and put me back on my feet and made me feel whole again and gave me the confidence in myself to become self-sufficient. I owe the facility everything!


My first impression was how 'homey' and comfortable this place was. I liked all of the people and the stay...the staff was great coming when I needed them.


I liked everything during my time here...it's been wonderful. From being served food, to given medicine. I'm sure everyone leaves here with a happy and pleasant mind. The therapy given to me was very good...I find myself now, completely satisfied.


I've been to Crown Pointe twice and each time they make mee feel more at home. From the administrator to the aides - at all levels - I was included in my plan of care. I plan to return and live out my life at Crown Pointe. I'd highly recommend to famileis seeking wellness and care to first take a look at Crown Pointe.


I could've stayed … but I had to go home … I have a husband! The people here are family … you have the most wonderful place.


My experience at Crown Pointe has been excellent…the nurses and staff were very caring, attentive, and friendly. The food was good. Showers were always available when requested or scheduled. Care was given to adhere to COVID restrictions … quarantine measures were taken as required as well; regular temperature checks for both staff and patients. Cleanliness of the facility is excellent. I would highly recommend Crown Pointe to anyone that needs to be cared for as I did. Thank you for taking care of me!


Thank you to the staff ... this journey has been unreal and hard ... but your staff has made it more doable.

Roger S.

Thank all of you for the work that went into coordinating my care, offering special events and taking care of all the behind the scenes details. I appreciated not having to worry about the details and getting questions answered.

Mike B. & Family

Crown Pointe is wonderful! The entire staff treats the residents like family!! The care my loved one has received made our lives so much better. I was always made to feel welcome and valued.


My mother received excellent care at Crown Pointe. Administration and staff are friendly and approachable and it is obvious they care deeply for the residents and their families. My mother was always treated with compassion, dignity, and respect. The nursing staff is very caring and knowledgeable. The facility is nice, clean, secure, and well maintained. It was a relief to know my mom was well cared for when I wasn’t there. As a registered nurse who expects a very high level of care, I was extremely satisfied with the care my mom received.


Recently we’ve had a terrific experience with Crown Pointe Care Center. My mother has been a resident for 3yrs, and I’ve been pleased with the cleanliness of the facility, the access to the administrators (they take time for individual attention, care conferences, addressing concerns, etc), and the new(er) Activities Director. It’s a painstaking process choosing a nursing center for a loved one, and I feel fortunate we found Crown Pointe. They do outings with the residents to local restaurants, bring in food trucks, and even plan special occasion events (for Mother's Day, St Patrick’s Day, etc). The nursing staff... is attentive, and everyone there works hard to be communicative. The facility has undergone some recent renovations and have a coffee bar now too- which Mom loves! The courtyard is also beautiful in the spring and summer months. The location of the center is great too - it’s set back from the road, so it’s quiet and feels safe - yet, you’re walking distance to grocery stores, restaurants, and even a Graeter’s! It truly has earned 5 stars!


As a family friend of a resident there, I was very pleased with the service and great care given. A big shout to Alicia and Richard for always helping and being great nurses. They have helped & cared for everyone in their unit. The facility is like a big happy family and is great for people who need that extra step before going home! Thank you again!